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Kezia Coleman

Sherbert and Delilah

Louise Adams

Stanley,Rory & Enya




Kenya, Trixie & Kasane

Natasha Bell

Ziggy Midas and Clover

Muriel Nally


Lindy Kerr

Sammi Kerr

Eleanor Hodgson



Do you have to be a member of the GRCWA to participate?

Yes, to participatate in the walking challenge and join The Walking Pawtners you must first be a member of the GRCWA. Please fill out our memebrship form to join the club


Everyone can participate! It doesn’t matter how young, fit, or abled you are; everyone is welcome. Also, if you like to walk alone or in a group everyone can take part! It's an excellent opportunity for all Club Members to get involved in the club. Even if you don't live in the Perth Metro area you can still participate it doesn't matter where you are located! Becoming involved in the GRCWA community by counting your steps and earning prizes is a great motivation to start your fitness journey and improve your health.

How does the challenge work?

You can take part in the challenge virtually from anywhere in the world. Count the number of steps you take when walking your dog  anywhere, at your own pace & time frame. When you register you will receive a registration gift and a code to join the club's walking app to record your steps. Your steps will be added to the club's leaderboard and each month the team with the most steps will receive a prize.  (The prize goes to a different team each month. If a team that has already won a prize has the most steps, then the prize will go to the next team with the most steps that month who hasn't won before). 

Challenge runs from February to December each year, there will be an overall prize for the team who as accumulated the most steps throughout the year. And on special occasssions throughout the year we will have some spot prizes.

Do we have to walk everyday?

No you can walk as often or as little as you want.

Why should I participtate?
Join our private Walkers Partners Facebook group and become part of the exclusive community of Walking Pawtners. Connect with other dog lovers, share your walking adventures, and seek advice or offer tips to fellow members. By participating in our group, you not only bond with your furry companion but also kickstart your own health journey while supporting your dog's well-being through outdoor activities. And that's not all - there are monthly prizes up for grabs and an ultimate team prize for the most steps taken. Most importantly, this is your chance to connect with like-minded golden retriever club members. Join GRCWA now and embark on an incredible journey with your four-legged friend.

➢ The walking challenge runs from 1st February to 30th November, inclusive. Any data recorded

outside the dates of the challenge cannot be added to the competition for that year. The last day for

recording steps is 30th November. 

➢ You can count all the steps you make when out and about with your dog. All dog activities can be included i.e walking, training, agility, showing etc… 

  • Press the blue running icon on the racer app to start counting the steps during your outing. Don’t forget to press the finish button when the outing is over, we don’t want to cheat and count our non-doggy outing steps. 

➢ Admin will add your steps from the Pacer App to the Walking Pawtner’s leader board every Sunday. If you do not have access to the Pacer App please email your total step count for the week to:

➢ The competition relies on complete honesty so please act in good faith. 

➢ Monthly step count will be calculated on the 1st day of the next month and the team with the most steps will get a prize. Ensuring fairness by awarding it to a different team each time. If a previous winning team leads the monthly step count, the prize passes on to the next team with the most steps, who hasn’t won before. 

➢ Spot prizes will also be awarded on different occasions throughout the year. 

➢ Group social walks will be organised a few times during the year. 

Safety Tips for You

✓ Choose comfortable, supportive shoes such as running, walking, or cross-training shoes.

✓ Dress appropriately for walks considering weather conditions and visibility.

✓ Drink plenty of water before, during and after walking.

✓ Tell others if you are walking alone, take a mobile phone and water bottle.

✓ Plan your walk to make sure it’s as safe as possible. Be alert and don’t take any risks. 

Safety Tips for Your Canine Partner

✓ Safety is the top priority when taking part in this walking challenge. You know your dog best and we encourage you to think about the distance you walk per session and whether it is appropriate for your dog, especially if they are still a puppy (Tips below if you have a puppy). If you have any concerns about your dog, please consult a vet.

✓ If going for a long walk Please ensure that you carry plenty of drinking water for your dog.

✓ In the hot weather We recommend walking your dog in the morning or evening when it's cooler. For more information on walking dogs in warm weather, check out trusted sources such as RSPCA. and keep to shady paths.

✓ Try not to exercise your dog on a full stomach as they can get bloat.  

If walking with a puppy remember: 

✓ Good rule of thumb is a ratio of 5 minutes of exercise per month of age of your puppy (up to twice a day).

  • For example, if your puppy is 4 months old, 4x5=20 mins of exercise.
  • As they get older, they can have longer periods of exercise.
  • It is important to exercise your puppy every day to strengthen their muscles and bones.   



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Drop-In Classes

GRCWA is offering Drop-In Classes run by a Certified Professional Dog Trainer at affordable prices because we believe a dog’s training should be fun, convenient and ongoing without breaking the bank!