There are many important factors to consider before getting a golden retriever. Discover if you're ready for the commitment. Find out whether a golden retriever suits your lifestyle. Should you buy a pedigree puppy or get a dog from a breed rescue? Let's help you find your new best friend.

When you first get your Puppy, lots of things are new to you and your new arrival, a good, clear guidebook will get you off on the right track.

This fantastic guidebook written by certified professional dog trainer Carla O'Donnell helps you with much of the basic early training and socialisation needed to teach your pup how to live happily in our human world (and it can be a very confusing world for pups).

Techniques are based on respect, clear communication and generous rewards that all work together to create a mutually enjoyable way to live with and enjoy dogs, whatever your goals. Training with easy to implement instructions and further suggestions.

Topics covered include, Socialising your Pup, Early Training, House Training, Teaching not to Bite, Preventing Stealing and Food Guarding, Digging and Jumping Up, Diet and Behaviour, and Building Confidence.

This is a great introduction to training and a great assistance to those needing up to the minute, effective training information for a new arrival in the home.

Author: Carla O'Donnell

Publication Year:2021

Page Count:188

Publisher: GRCWA Inc.

New Puppy! Now What?
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