Are you ready  to own a golden retriever?

Are You ready to Own a Golden Retriever

Puppies can be adorable, irresistible bundles of fun. However, growing puppies also need a lot of attention and a structured routine, which can be especially tough if your life is a busy one! 

What is a Pedigree Golden Retriever

We have put together some tips to help you locate a registered breeder of purebred goldens and explain what pedigree papers are and why you need them.

Finding a Good Breeder

After deciding that a golden retriever is the right breed for your family, you will need to find a responsible breeder to buy a puppy from. Finding the right breeder is important. There are many reasons why selecting a trusted breeder is important. For one, it’s the best and easiest way to end up with a healthy golden retriever pup. 

Avoiding Puppy Mills, Pet Shops & Back Yard Breeders

How to Identify an Irresponsible Breeder Versus a Responsible Breeder. There is so much information available on ‘adopt, don’t shop’, many buyers end up uneducated on how to responsibly buy a purebred pedigree puppy if it hasn’t come from a shelter. The GRCWA can help you with this process.

Visiting the Breeder

Your experience when visiting a breeder should always be a happy one. The GRCWA has the information to help guide you through what to expect from your visit and what warning signs you should walk away from.

Responsible Breeding

Responsible dog breeders work hard to produce healthy, socialised puppies, interview potential buyers, health test the parents and remain resources for buyers for the lives of those dogs. Learn what to look for when searching for your next golden retriever puppy.

What Responsible Breeders Really Do

So You Want A Golden Retriever Puppy