raisinig a puppy

Having a new puppy can be an exciting and sometime challenging experience.  As a new puppy owner, it is important to realise your role and how your behaviour shapes the behaviour of your growing puppy. 

Your influence over your puppy begins the moment you first make contact and as soon as you bring your new puppy home. Whether or not you are enrolled in formal training, you are still directing behaviour and establishing patterns in your dog’s life.  By not teaching or setting limits for your puppy, you are possibly contributing to future behaviour patterns and problems. This is especially true when it comes to teaching your puppy proper house-training habits.

Here’s some expert advice from a dog training PROFESSIONAL with the information you need to get your new puppy off to a great start! 

Home Alone

One of the most common canine behaviour problems is being left “home alone.” 

Caring For Your New Puppy

Puppy proof your home!

Toilet Training

Toilet training is a process that we quickly forget once it is over, but it is a process that can make you feel very low when you are struggling.

Puppy Biting

Are you struggling with how to stop a puppy from biting? Are you wondering why do puppies bite? 

Resource Guarding

Resource guarding is when a dog has something, and they don’t want you or anyone else to have it.

Puppy Growth & Development
You’re a proud new Golden Retriever owner, this is an exciting time. Your puppy has a lot of growing to do, and you probably have a lot of questions.
It is important that you teach your puppy to be comfortable being handled.
Feeding Your Puppy

There are many different approaches you can take to ensure your dog has a balanced, healthy diet.

Grooming Your Puppy
Top Tips And Tricks. These fluffy puppies need quite a lot of coat care, but it might not be as hard work as you expect.

New Puppy! Now What? ebook

When you first get your Puppy, lots of things are new to you and your new arrival, a good, clear guidebook will get you off on the right track.

This fantastic guidebook written by certified professional dog trainer Carla O'Donnell helps you with much of the basic early training and socialisation needed to teach your pup how to live happily in our human world (and it can be a very confusing world for pups).