Caring for your golden

Raising a puppy is rewarding, yet at times frustrating. So, if you need more help buy our New Puppy! Now What? ebook you will learn all you need to care for a puppy and set him up for life. And join our Drop In Training Classes where we will be able to help with all your training needs.

Common puppy raising issues

Having a new puppy can be an exciting and sometime challenging experience.  As a new puppy owner, it is important to realise your role and how your behaviour shapes the behaviour of your growing puppy. Let the GRCWA help you on this journey.

Picking up your new puppy

Bringing your puppy home What an exciting time – after all the waiting, you finally get to bring your new puppy home! The GRCWA can help make sure you are well prepared when going to pick up your puppy, so you both have a relaxed journey home.

Socialising a new puppy is the most important thing you can do to create a wonderful dog.  It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s important! GRCWA will show you the best way to go about this.

Growing puppy – Teenage years

Teenage agnst? or the start of another chapter? Adolescence is possibly an even more critical stage than those very early weeks. It is even more sensitive to events, it potentially carries more behavioural risk for things to go awry, and that it’s often a time of tricky communication and a battle of wills in any species – let alone between two that don’t share the same language.

Have Fun With Your Dog All Year Long!

GRCWA is offering Drop-In Classes run by a Certified Professional Dog Trainer at affordable prices because we believe a dog's training should be fun, convenient and ongoing without breaking the bank!