What puppy equipment do I need?

Below is a list of the basic items you will need for your new puppy to get them off on the best paw


Your will have to decide where you would like your puppy to sleep. Your puppy is going to be a big dog very quickly, so it is recommended to teach them the rules straightaway. Don’t let your puppy do things that you don’t want them to do as an adult. e.g., if you don’t want a big dog sleeping in your bed don’t let them do this as a puppy. You are not being fair to your puppy if the rules keep changing. 

Different dogs like different surfaces to sleep on, a golden has a thick double coat so they often like cool surface to sleep on as well as a soft dog bed. Ask your breeder what they recommend as bedding for your dog.


You will need separate bowls for food and water. Make sure fresh water is always available for your puppy.

Even though a food bowl is useful, we recommend using different fun ways to feed your new puppy to enrich their lives and provide some mental stimulation. This can be done with a Snuffle Mat or a stuffed Kong, a puzzle toy or just scattering your dog’s food in the grass so they can use their nose to find their dinner.

Puppy crate/play pen/child gates

Keeping your puppy out of trouble around the house can be trickier than you might think. Puppies can make big messes! Crates and playpens are just two ways you can keep your puppy safe and teach them where to sleep, what to chew on, and for toilet training. 

When to use a crate for your puppy

While there are many uses that both a crate and puppy playpen can satisfy, a crate offers certain benefits that a playpen does not.

  • Toilet training: Appropriate-sized dog crates are recommended for Toilet Training because of their limited space — a dog is not going to want to dirty his own bed! A pen, by comparison, leaves more than enough room for a dog to relieve himself in one corner and play in another.
  • Emotional support: There’s also an emotional benefit to using a crate. Dogs tend to have a natural affinity for enclosed spaces, or dens, where they know they’re protected from everything outside. In the same way that many people feel cosy and relaxed in bed, dogs enjoy having a safe space like a crate to retreat to. With a little training, this can easily become a favourite napping place for your pup.
  • For Emergency: It is a good idea to get your puppy comfortable in a crate in case they need to use one as an adult for a medical or emergency situation. 

When to use a puppy playpen around the house

Playpens differ from crates in size, structure, and function. A playpen is meant to keep your puppy safe in a larger puppy proof area of your home for long stretches of time when you are unable to supervise them.

If you’re leaving your dog or keeping her enclosed for a long time, a crate is too small you need a larger area where your puppy can sleep, play and go to the toilet. Your pen should be spacious enough to add her food and water, as well as a bed or someplace comfy to rest.


Choose a comfortable collar that is suitable for the size and age of your puppy. Puppies grow quickly and collars should be checked almost daily to ensure they fit.

Collars shouldn’t be so loose that they slip over your puppy’s head nor so tight that you cannot slip two fingers underneath.



Choose a lead that is comfortable for you to hold and a suitable length for your puppy. An ideal length lead for an adult golden is about 1.8m.


It is very important that your puppy has a range of appropriate and interesting toys, otherwise they might chew on your things instead of their own.

Grooming tools

As a minimum it is recommended to have a good bristle brush, a slicker brush and a comb to groom a goldens coat. A sharp scissors for trimming around your dog’s paws and ears and tidying up their tails is also recommended along with a set of nail clippers.

Even though your puppy doesn’t have the thick coat they will have as an adult it is a good idea to gently brush your puppy daily with short fun sessions and get them comfortable with the different grooming equipment. So, they are happy to be groomed. More information on Grooming Your Puppy can be found on our grooming page.

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