Buying a puppy

Learn more about the process of buying a puppy: Including questions to ask the breeder, equipment to purchase for your puppy, ensuring you have all the paperwork for your puppy.

Questions for the breeder

Before you visit a breeder, it’s a good idea to ask some basic questions. It’s very difficult to resist a cute puppy, so we recommend asking some questions before you visit the breeder and puppies in person.

What to research before buying a golden retriever.

Research the parent’s health. All dogs are at risk of inheriting diseases, whether they are pedigree or not.

Visiting the Breeder

Your experience when visiting a breeder should always be a happy one. The GRCWA has the information to help guide you through what to expect from your visit and what warning signs you should walk away from.

What Paperwork Should My Breeder Give Me?

When you purchase your puppy, your breeder should provide you with certain paperwork. including pedigree papers, how to care for your puppy and vaccination records as a start.

Essential Puppy Equipment

You will need to by a variety of different equipment and accessories for your new puppy. The GRCWA will remove the guesswork out of what you should buy.

Responsible Breeding

Responsible dog breeders work hard to produce healthy, socialised puppies, interview potential buyers, health test the parents and remain resources for buyers for the lives of those dogs. Learn what to look for when searching for your next golden retriever puppy.

What Responsible Breeders Really Do

So You Want A Golden Retriever Puppy