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We strive to enhance the lives of Golden Retrievers through comprehensive training, breeding, and community engagement.

Ms Ruth Connah

I looked into a few breeds before my heart set on the golden retriever, I had read so many articles on them and I just had to own one .
I have had the privilege of owning golden retrievers for 25yrs , with my first being Dexter who I bought as my first show dog. D exter didn’t turn out so he became an obedience dog which he loved taking part in. He also didn’t excel in this either but it was fun and he loved it, and so my love for this beautiful breed grew .
My first foundation bitch was my lovely gir l Zena who I mated after looking into and talking to a few breeders who helped me find a good stud dog for her Zena produced my first litter and my first home bred champion “Ch Conarhu Gonwith the Wind (Butler). This was my greatest achievement and I enjoyed working with Butler in the show ring .
I now have 2 girls Mia aged 9.5 years and Swayze 5 years (both in the photo), who are both still being shown. Swayze has kept me on my toes over the years, even telling me when to renew my leather lounge suite. She pulled one of the arm chairs into the k itchen and stripped it down to the wooden frame. I discovered this after coming home from shopping and not being able to open the door due to her handy work , so I had to go through the front door . But she’s over all that naughtiness now and we are all living in harmony.

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