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Mrs Natasha Bell

My love of goldens started at age 11 when my parents rescued a Golden Retriever cross GSD, named Trudy. She was more Goldie than GSD and had all the Goldie traits. She always greeted you with a toy or slipper and was also fond of toilet rolls, and we had to make sure the bathroom door was ALWAYS closed.
I have owned Golden Retrievers as an adult since 2001, when my younger sister bred her first litter back in the UK and we chose our baby girl Fizzy. We were lucky to see her at a day old and watched her grow until we took her home in late November.
Three years later we emigrated to Perth and decided to add another golden to our family, so in 2005 we were blessed with Roxy, who you may remember became the very well k now “Dog in a Bog’ by Alex at Houndstooth. To cut a long stor y short, we were having a photo shoot and were very early so popped to a park to give the dogs a walk beforehand, Roxy at the ripe old age of 11, bounded out of the car and ran for her life, straight into a muddy bog! Hence, we arrived at the photoshoot very embarrassed and very muddy. Alex embraced the dilemma we were in and continued with the photoshoot and was later contacted by a reporter of an English newspaper and an article was published a few weeks later.
I now have a trio of Goldens, Midas (almost 9), Ziggy (6) and Clover (1), and have been showing Clover for just over a year now, with her winning Baby in Show at both the GRCWA Shows in 2021. M y true goal is to breed my own litter and I now gained my own prefix, all going well to have a litter at the end of 2023.

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