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Mrs Megan Casas

I n 1992, I purchased my first Golden, Chelsea, from a registered breeder. Chelsea had the worst habit of finding and rolling in anything smelly- she rolled in seaweed at the beach and once swallowed three blowfish whole, which caused great concer n for me until she threw them back up again over the course of the af ternoon. At my dad ’s bush proper t y, she found plent y of smelly things. On one of our bush walks, she rolled in an emu nest and came away covered in the most vile smelling, stick y, tar-like substance that emus line their nests with. But the worst thing she did, as I was pre -par ing to leave Dad’s one day, was to drag a ver y large, ver y r ipe, decomposing k angaroo carcass back to the yard and proceed to roll in it. She was so happy! Two baths later, she didn’t smell much better, and I had to dr ive home with her in the back of my small hatchback with all the windows down. Thankfully she’s the only one of my Goldens who enjoyed this pastime. 

In 1997 I became a registered breeder and added a second bundle of golden joy to my family , when I kept my favour ite from the litter, Mac. That ’s when I discovered that the only thing better than one Golden Retriever is two! Since then, Steve and I have always ‘been owned by ’ at least t wo goldens at a time – currently we have Sama (9 years old) and Rocket (3 years old).

Our dogs love off lead adventures and they LOVE agility. We go to cafes with them and take them on holidays whenever we can. I show my dogs and through that sport, I have met some of my closest friends. Our dogs lead a pretty active life-style, but their favourite place is still snuggled up on the couch with us. We are the centre of their world as they are ours… just as it should be.


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