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Ms Kaylee Tremlett

My love for Golden Retrievers began 7 years ago when I met my partner ’s family dog, Holly, who was a Golden Retriever. Holly was very loving and had a beautiful nature which instantly made me fall in love with her and the breed. Fast forward to today we no longer have gorgeous Holly in our lives but have been blessed with two Goldie siblings; big cuddly Harley who lives with my partner ’s family and my own baby, Winnie.
Winnie is my ‘first dog’, I have always grown up with many breeds of dogs, but she is my first golden retriever. We love adventuring to new places, cuddling up together over a good book and doing lots of training. We currently do hoopers and sniffer training which we both thoroughly enjoy. Winnie is cuddly, energetic and quirk y all in one! Her favourite quirk is ‘talking/telling us off ’ whenever we get home, or while playing silly games.
I am starting my dog training and behaviour course this March which I am very excited about. I am very lucky to be given this opportunity as a committee member and I’m excited to contribute to the club. I can’t wait to learn more about the breed and dogs in general from our knowledgeable committee members.
I am hoping to assist in planning fun events for all members of the club and learning more about dog showing. 

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