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Mrs Ann Jones

My love of golden retrievers began when I bought my husband a golden puppy for his bir thday as he loved the breed. When the breeder delivered the puppy and handed him to me, that was it. From that day on, which was almost 22 years ago, I was in love, both with the puppy and the breed.
After 2 years we got Abby as a companion for Jeddah, and following on we still have Charlie (12yo), Kenya (6yo), Morgan (5yo) and Trixie (2yo) in our lives. I did obedience and Rally O with Charlie, who was awarded his Rally Novice title, and he was responsible for my entry into the dog show world. Charlie gained his Neuter Champion title and is now retired from the show ring, but Kenya and Trixie are still active in the show world.
My dogs love nothing more than going for a run or sniff off-lead, and that is generally what we do with them most days. They also love trips to the r iver which I try to do regularly in the summer, and sometimes in the winter – they don’t mind!
I now can’t imagine my life without goldens, despite some of the mishaps along the way. Abby loved nothing more than chewing furnishings, which included our lounge suite, ever y dog bed she ever had, towels, cushions, and her ver y favourite – toilet paper. We often came home to an explosion of stuffing, or shredded paper. The other dogs do not have the Abby gene, and love their soft toys, always spreading them all over the house. They sometimes make more mess than children!
The day that our Jeddah arrived 22 years ago was the start of a wonderful journey of sharing our lives with our very special goldens, and a journey I hope continues for many years to come.

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