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It’s not surprising that Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds. Along with being exuberant and friendly, they are strong hard working dogs. Goldens excel at whatever they do, be it hunting, an assistance dog, working search-and-rescue, or being devoted companions. Though they are serious about their work, they also enjoy being downright silly!

A Golden Retriever is a hunting dog they were bred to retrieve game so they like to have things in their mouths and carry things around, they have a strong desire to chew on things including your hands - you will need to provide them with lots of chew toys and teach them what is and what isn't appropriate to chew on. 

With their friendly temperament and striking good looks, this breed is both beautiful to look at and a joy to own. While Goldens are very adaptable , they need considerable daily exercise to maintain physical and mental fitness. They love company and time spent on daily walks and physical activity should be complemented with time spent with their families indoors.

Without the companionship of people and adequate exercise, goldens become bored and full of pent-up energy, leading to hyperactivity causing them to bounce around the house, and display behaviours such as barking and destructive chewing this behaviour is atypical of the well-cared-for pet and family member.


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Golden Retrievers

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