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Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) are a tool that can help breeders make breeding choices based on indicators of the genetic risk of complex inherited disease, which is more accurate than by using an individual dog’s test score alone. EBV calculations use all hip and elbow screening data and pedigree information from the individual dog and its surrounding family, to more effectively determine the genetic risk that each dog will pass this disease to its progeny. YOUR HELP IS NEEDED: An EBV can only be calculated for a breed if enough individual dogs across the breed have been scored. EBVs will be recalculated annually. The more dogs with hip and elbow scores in the database the more accurate the EBV. Please add your dog's Hip and Elbow information to the database by using the form below.
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EBV calculations are using data last updated June 2021. The current database as a breed average of 11.2 for hip scores.

EBVs using newly entered data will be calculated yearly.

Thank you to the breeders who have submitted their test results enabling the initial calculation of ebv for Hip and Elbow Dysplasia in Australian & New Zealand Golden Retrievers.

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Further information about the database

Estimated Breeding Values were determined using the animal model and a generalised Linear Mixed Model. The MCMCglmm R package was used for the calculations.

How to use EBVs to evaluate a test mating