Estimated breeding values (EBV)

Estimated Breeding Values

The aim of this project is to provide information to breeders that will aide in decisions to improve hip and elbow dysplasia while safeguarding the long term health of the breed by maintaining genetic diversity.

How to Use EBVs

EBVs are a tool that can help breeders make breeding choices based on indicators of the genetic risk of complex inherited disease, which is more accurate than by using an individual dog’s test score alone. 

Understanding Estimated Breeding Values

Incorporation of estimated breeding values (EBVs) into these selection schemes should accelerate advances in hip and elbow improvement.

Enter Your Dog

 The more dogs with hip and elbow scores in the database the more accurate the EBV. Please add your dogs Hip and Elbow information to the database.

EBV Datebase

An EBV evaluates the genetic value of an individual dog, in relation to the whole of the dog’s breed. These EBVs are intended to help breeders reduce the prevalence of hip and/or elbow dysplasia by more accurately evaluating genetic risk. Click to search the database.


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