Understanding Ichthyosis

Golden Retrievers can be affected by excessive flaking of the skin.  This is present from birth, but may be very mild, so is not always noticed.  The belly may also have darkly pigmented, dry skin.  It does not tend to be itchy unless there is also infection present with bacteria and yeast.  Owners typically notice large flakes of skin present in the fur when brushing their dog, or on the floor in areas where they spend time. 

Golden Retrievers typically have a very mild form of this disease, whereas other breeds can be more badly affected.

In Golden Retrievers there are currently two forms of Ichthyosis Ich1 and Ich2 that are caused by two different mutations. The mode of inheritance for both forms is autosomal recessive, meaning that a dog needs to have two copies of the faulty gene for the condition to be present. A dog which only has one faulty gene also known as a carrier does not have the condition and is clinically normal.

In Golden Retrievers there is a genetic test available for both forms of Ichthyosis and with responsible testing and breeding, this disease can be avoided in future generations of puppies.

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