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A collection of training and behaviour articles from the clubs Golden PawPrint Magazine. 

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Managing your puppy …2018
Play Biting
A mouth with paws is probably a good description of a young pup. Just has children have to learn not to slap with their hands dogs have to learn to be polite with their mouths. Play biting is normal, natural and a necessary behaviour of puppies. Puppies learn to control the pressure of their bite from playing with other puppies. When one puppy bites too hard, the other puppy yelps and stops playing. This ends the play, teaching the puppy bite inhibition. Once you take your new puppy home your job now is to continue to work on this bite inhibition and to teach your puppy that play biting is best done on toys and other dogs not on people. Dogs will bite for reasons other than play; yet play biting is the most common reason in puppies.

Avoid encouraging your puppy to mouth your hands, clothes or shoes. It will only confuse your pup about how to use his teeth. Instead provide your puppy with a variety of toys for mouthing. Proactively provide and rotate toys in the environment for novelty and entertainment. Manage or confine your puppy when you are unable to address play biting.

Immediate withdrawal of attention is the most effective method to stop play biting. The instant your puppy touches your skin or clothes with his teeth, freeze and slowly withdraw yourself form the situation. Calmly and quietly stand up, fold your arms, look away and walk away. Ignore your puppy for 2 to 3 seconds, then cue a sit, reward the sit and redirect your puppy to biting on a toy.
When working on bite inhibition you would work on the hard bites at first and then gradually work on the softer bites until there is no mouthing at all.

Do not use verbal or physical reprimands. Shouting “No”, swatting on the nose, grabbing the dog’s muzzle, or pinching his lips are counterproductive and often leads to hand- or head shy dogs. Punishing play biting does not teach your dog how to interact appropriately and may cause or contribute to the development of serious aggression.

HAVE PATIENCE Be prepared for your pup to try and play with you as a toy, again and again. Puppies tend to forget themselves in the middle of a play session and try and bite you again. Remember they are all different some will be quite persistent while others will switch to a different way to play quite quickly.


Published 2019

144 Pages

This collection of training and behaviour articles taken straight out of the GRCWA’s Golden PawPrint Magazine and is intended primarily as a guide to dog training and behaviour. Consequently it contains hints for socialisation, training and behaviour modification as well as tips for teaching basic manners.

Whether you have a newly adopted dog, a brand new pup, a challenging adolescent dog, or any age dog with bahaviour problems, Golden PawPrint Collection – Training Resources Vol 1 can be helpful. 

Subject covered in this book range from puppy training and scoialisation to adult dog training and begavioural pronblems including how to diagnose problem behaviours, training and management strategies. Both new and seasoned dog owners will benefit from the articles.

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