2017 Retrieving Trials

All Age Trials 2017

Judge: Ms E. Johnson

Chief Steward: Ms L. Adams
8 Started and 5 finished.

1st - RTCH Ellishea Just Cussy - GRD with Heather Ellis on 154 points.
2nd - RTCH Mhadaidh Especially Hot CM - GRB with Kerry Webster on 130 points.
3rd - RTCH Boomermagic Halloween Hero - LRD with Allan Bartram on 96 points.

Novice & Restricted 2017

Judge: Mrs H Ellis

Chief Steward: Ms L. Adams


1st - Sherepoint Leave It To Beaver - FCRD with Breeanna Swetman on 118 points.
2nd -Netherdee Revivin It Up - CSD with Sarah Ogen on 117 points.
3rd - Netherdee Topnotch - CSB with Mark Jackson on 112 points.

 Restricted 2017

Judge: Mrs H Ellis

Chief Steward: Ms L. Adams


No Finishers

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