2018 Retrieving Trials

All Age Trail 2018

Judge: Mrs H. Ellis

Chief Steward: Mrs L. Andrews-Adams

10 Started, 2 finished.

1st - RTCH Boomermagic Irish Spirit (LRB) with Maggie Hankinson on 137 points.

2nd - Calendula Hunter (GRD) with Michael Mason on 121 points

Congratulations to everyone.


Novice & Restricted 2018

Judge: Mrs M. Hankinson

Chief Steward: Mr C. Hankinson


4 Started, 2 finished.

1st - Ellishea Wyatts Flash (AI) GRB handled by Heather Ellis on 146 points. This win gave Heather and Flash their NDR Title Congratulations!.
2nd - Wauchope Montagus Harrier (GSP) handled by Dave Boswell on 130 points.

Restricted 2018

Judge: Mrs M. Hankinson

Chief Steward: Mr C. Hankinson


4 Entered, all finished.
1st - Brigodee Diamonds Bow TY N Tux (LRD) handled by Kerry Webster on 137 points.
2nd - Ellishea Wyatts Flash (AI) GRB handled by Heather Ellis on 133 points.
3rd - Boomermagic Booms Addiction (AI) NRD (LRB) handled by Ann Graham on 130 points.

Congratulations to everyone.

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