stop pulling! teach your dog to walk on a loose lead

Has walking youyr dog bccome a nightmare? Does it resemble a game of tug of war? Are you desperate for answers?


How Do I Train My Dog To Walk On A Loose Lead?

Of the behaviours we expect our dogs to do on a daily basis, loose lead walking is by
far the hardest one to teach a dog to do. It is not a simple single behaviour. We need to
teach our dogs lots of different skills before they can learn to walk on a loose lead.

Moving forward is very reinforcing for a dog. Therefore, the number one rule for
walking on a lead is to never let your dog move forward if the lead is tight. Otherwise we
are teaching and reinforcing our dogs for pulling. Pulling is bad for their necks and it
isn’t much fun for us either.

Think about where you want your dog to walk relative to your body. Unless I
specifically ask for a dog to walk beside me, I am happy for them to be in front, behind,
on the left or on the right, just not pulling.



Published 2020

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In just a few days you can transform your lead walking frustration into a serene walk in the park. Loose lead walking is the bane of many owner’s experiences with their dog. It’s frustrating and can even be dangerous. It is such a serious problem, causing many owners to give up and relinquish their dogs to shelters.

The reason that owners struggle is because loose lead walking in not a simple behaviour, nor is it a single one. There is a dynamic of multiple behaviours going on, and those need to be understood and practiced before the dog will willingly walk on  a loose lead.

In Stop Pulling! Teach Your Dog to Walk on A Loose Lead you will learn a quick and easy method to train any age, size or breed of dog to walk calmly and quietly on a loose lead, walking will become more relaxed, reducing stress for dog and owner

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