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A new training calendar will be out soon!

Have Fun with Your Dog All Year Round

GRCWA is offering Drop-In Classes run by a Certified Professional Dog Trainer at affordable prices because we believe a dog’s training should be fun, convenient and ongoing without breaking the bank!

Drop-in classes provide a fun bonding experience for you and your dog. We can combine basic manners training, obedience training, show training, scent work, agility obstacles and much more in fun and creative ways that have real world applications. They are a great way to keep you and your pup busy and are a great way to stimulate your dog’s body and mind. The goal is to train your dog to be happy and reliable in any and all real-life situations…and have fun doing it.

What You’ll Learn

  • Really, Really, Really Reliable Recalls
  • Really, Really, Really Reliable Stays
  • Lead skills
  • Impulse control skills
  • Complete Off-Leash Obedience – this takes commitment on your part 
  • Building Speed and Precision 
  • Pack Walks and Off-Leash Hikes – heeling, loose-leash walking and running free with the pack
  • Rally Obedience Exercises
  • Major Distractions – people, dogs, bikes, skateboards, bouncing balls, left over pizza, umbrellas, etc.  
  • Focused Off-Leash Heeling – competition style, prancing, happily looking up at you, ignoring the other dogs
  • Distance Training – commands given off-leash from long distances
  • Load Up – teaching dog to get in car from a distance and stay in, even with windows down and doors open 
  • Three-Way Puppy Push-Ups – moving through Sit, Down and Stand positions in all six possible combos.  
  • Show Dog training whether you are a newbie or experienced competitor.
  • Cafe Training – dog holds a long down at your feet around a table of other dogs doing the same. Dogs, skateboards and other distractions provided along with coffee and donuts. 
  • Hand Signals – giving commands silently, only using hand signals 
  • Tug O’ War – proper use of tug as a reinforcement for wanted behaviours and a way to teach a give signal for releasing objects from dog’s mouths.

When & Where

Sunday 9.00am

 Schedule available via our website and Facebook Page. Always check the calendar to make sure class hasn’t been cancelled due to weather, unavailability of instructor etc… Classes are run week to week so members may come and go as they please. Classes will cover different information each week.

Riverside Gardens off King William Street.

Classes are off King William Street, next to the Fenced Dog Exercise area. Classes will not be held on days when the forecast temperature is over 35oC at class time, or when a road weather alert as been issued due to thunderstorms, for dog comfort and safety.

All Levels & Ages

Classes are ideal for busy people who want to enjoy time with their dog without committing to weekly classes. “Drop-In” means you can show up whenever you want…every class, once a month…whatever you want. Obviously, you will learn more by coming regularly but people love the flexibility! The classes are designed for all levels of experience.

Whether you are looking to keep your dog “tuned up” by coming out once a month or looking to turn your dog into a “Rock Star” by coming out for every class, the Drop-In practice sessions are here to accommodate your schedule. Each session will be different and structured to best meet the needs of the people who attend.


Golden Retriever Club Membership plus $5.00 per class (discounts below). Payment is online.

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