Championship Shows

The GRCWA website presents its annual Championship Show, featuring competitions for both dogs and bitches to earn challenge points towards an Australian Championship Title.

Retrieving Trials

Golden Retrievers have consistently shown exceptional abilities in Retrieving Trials. At GRCWA, we are proud to host two Retrieving Trials each year for WA Gundogs. Learn More about these events.

The Golden Olympics

Join Goldens of all ages and skill levels at GRCWA golden Olympics, where we celebrate the remarkable connection between humans and Goldens with fun events.

Training Classes

GRCWA is offering Drop-In Classes run by a Certified Professional Dog Trainer at affordable prices because we believe a dog’s training should be fun, convenient and ongoing without breaking the bank!

Walking Pawtners

“The Walking Pawtners” welcome every golden retriever owner who enjoys walking, running, hiking, swimming or just little strolls around the block with their furry friend. 

The Golden Retriever is such a wonderful breed! And they are good at so many sports, games and events! We hope you will be interested in trying some out. The bond you will develop between you and your Golden will truly be special.

First, JOIN the Golden Retriever Club of WA. Being active with the club gives you immediate and discounted access to club events. You will be able to connect with fellow enthusiasts and stay informed about a variety of events and breed issues.

Now that you have joined, Get involved!

  • VOLUNTEER! Volunteering introduces you to others who share your passion
  • Attend events with your dog. You may find a sport that you love which you previously knew nothing about
  • When attending events, introduce yourself, but be respectful. The competitors are very involved in the show and may request to speak with you at a later time when they are not focused on their entry/performance/etc.

The club runs a number of events through out the year. Be sure to check our calendar for dates and details

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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