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Kendal O'Reilly

I have always loved dogs and I have grown up with dogs as Mum and Dad always had dogs. My first dog ,was a boxer ·who I named Jemima from Play School.

My love of the Golden Retriever began when I wanted to add a dog to my own family. I had three small boys at the time aged 1, 4 and 7. I had done some research on what would be the best family dog to have and the Golden Retriever always came up.

So along came Murphy. My boys and Murphy basically grew up together. They taught her how to play soccer. jump on a trampoline and many other things that active boys enjoy. Going to the beach however wasn't so much fun as Murphy would always try and ·rescue' when we were in the water.

I thoroughly enjoyed ·watching them all together. Sadly we lost Murphy to lymphoma 8 years ago. she was 10 years old. As many will know, the loss of our treasured Goldens is heartbreaking but what I wasn't really prepared for was watching my three boys when it was time to let Murphy go to the Rainbow Bridge - that I think was even more heartbreaking. However I do think they got over the loss much quicker than I did.

In 2012 we got Luna. I felt empty without Murphy and although she couldn't be replaced, we were ready to get another dog to fill the big 'hole' that Murphy left. I couldn't imagine having another breed of dog after having Murphy so another Golden ii was.

What can I say, Luna is ·my angel' I feel like she saved me from a very dark place some years ago. She is incredibly loyal and never very far away. She has the most beautiful temperament, she is pretty chilled and she is smart She loves swimming as much as I do. and she doesn't try and 'save me like Murphy did we can actually swim around together without me being scratched to pieces!

In 2016 Wallace became part of our family. Wallace had come to stay for a short holiday and it turned into a never ending holiday. Wallace is a gentle sooky boy who aims to please all the time if he gets a cuddle in return. He loves his park walks. He enjoys the beach and swimming and sitting on your lap as much as possible.

I joined the- GRCWA not long after we got Luna and became the Treasurer of the GRCWA in 2018. I have made some wonderful friends over the last 7 years and learnt so much about the Golden Retriever breed. I have even joined the world of Dog Shows ,with dear Wallace already being a show Dog when he came to us. He was teaching me I am sure when we first started.

I can'l imagine my life without Luna and Wal­lace and I look forward to continuing to learn more and help the Club promote and protect the ·welfare of this wonderful breed.

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