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The GRCWA, founded in 1973, is the primary guardian of the Golden Retriever breed in Western Australia. Our role is to promote the temperament, appearance, soundness, natural retrieving and hunting abilities of the Golden Retriever. We are dedicated to responsible breeding and ownership, advancing and protecting the breed through events and education. We are committed to providing education to help pet owners obtain and care for healthy Golden Retrievers from reputable breeders. GRCWA members determine the breed standard, code of ethics, and performance standards, giving you the opportunity to shape changes.

Our members genuinely care about the Golden Retriever and work tirelessly to protect and improve the breed in Australia. By becoming an active member of the GRCWA, you’ll join a community that offers volunteer opportunities and the chance to develop friendships, all aimed at improving the club and the breed. Join the club and share the Golden Retriever Passion!

Breed Standard

The Breed Standard is a guideline that articulates the desired characteristics, temperament, and appearance of a Golden Retriever, ensuring it fulfills its intended purpose. It is crucial to prioritize the overall health, well-being, and soundness of the breed, avoiding any obvious issues or exaggerations that may be detrimental. Periodically, certain conditions or exaggerations may pose potential risks to the breed’s welfare. Breeders and judges should refer to the Breed Watch below for any current concerns.

BREED WATCH:  Excess length of body, short legs, harsh expression.

In Australia, the Golden Retriever breed adheres to the Breed Standard set by The Kennel Club (UK). 

Breed Standard

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