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Best in Show
Intermediate In Show
Dog Challenge

CH Giltedge Do You Like Apples

Runner-Up Best In Show Open In Show
Bitch Challenge

CH Giltedge There’s A Butterfly (AI)

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Reserve Dog Challenge

CH Larbellah Team Leader

Reserve Bitch Challenge
Minor In Show
Puppy of the Day

Ralun Lasting Touch

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Opposite Baby In Show
Fetchnpoint Fishin F Compliments (AI)

Best Baby in Show
Parkridge It’s All About Me

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Opposite Minor Puppy In Show
Waterloo Standing Ovation

Best Minor Puppy In Show
Ralun Lasting Touch

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Opposite Puppy In Show
Aneiraby Aurora Australia

Best Puppy In Show
Giltedge Roll Out The Red Carpet

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Best Intermediate In Show
Ch. Giltedge Do You Like Apples

Opposite Intermediate In Show
Ch Ralun Just About Me

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Best State Bred In Show
CH Ralun Extraordinaire

Opposite State Bred In Show
Balun Fashion N Style

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Best Australian Bred In Show
CH Fantango Westside Story

Opposite Australian Bred In Show
Bluebreeze Bound For fame

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Opposite Open In Show
CH Larbellah Team Leader

Best Open In Show
CH Giltedge There’s A Butterfly

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Opposite Veteran In Show
CH Swiftreve River Dance

Opposite Veteran In Show
GRAND CH Dobro Diamantina